Summer Camp 2015 at Vandana Internationa School

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Governing Council

VIS Workshops

Workshop on Personality Development and for Classes XI and XII
  • Personality development is growth and development of thinking perception, attitude, behaviour, nature, mood and activities that differentiates people.
  • Managing yourself : Self knowledge is the beginning of self improvement
  • Important Personality Development Tips:
    - Know yourself
    - Bring Positivity in your outlook
    - Have an opinion
    - Gather information from various sources such as newspaper, teacher, parents and journals.
    - Read more often and develop new interests
    - Be a good listener
    - Be courteous
    - Work on Body language
    - Check you attire
    - Be yourself
    - Be confident

  • Take your problems as your projects. It will give you strength

  • “ There are two roads in life : a high road and a low road. The high road is harder, but it takes you somewhere worth going. The low road is easy, it’s circular – You eventually find yourself back where you started”
  • “Your life won’t get better – and you won’t get better- on the low road”.
  • Workshop on Growing Up is Fun (Girls)

  • Adolencence is characterized by conflicts of values emotional stress and readiness to adopt extreme attitudes which invariably leads to several psycho-social problems of adolescents.
    Personal and Social problems
    Problems of health and physical self-esteem
    Sex and reproductive health problems
    Home and family related problems
  • This workshop was conducted on 15/05/2015 for girls of IX and X.
  • Anger Management for class VI to VII
    Know the difference between anger and aggression
    Anger is emotion. It is OK to be angry
    Aggression is acting out inappropriately and expressing your anger appropriately.