International Dimension


An inter-class mask making competition was organized on 16th November 2018 at Vandana International School under the guidance of Dr Sarika and Vinita Sawhney. Mask making is one of the most enjoyable crafts that children can be engaged in. This activity was organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to show their skills in mask making. It inspired children to think and work creatively and promoted artistic excellence. Children of class 6th & 8th participated earnestly in the eye and face mask making activity respectively. Children came up with amazing art work. Each of these masks was a treat to our eyes. During the activity, students of class 6th enjoyed the fun filled activity and paraded with their eye mask representing countries like Thailand Sri Lanka, Venice, Greece, and India. It was an exhilarating experience! Facial expressions are the external manifestations of our inner soul. Displaying them through a creation of act is what "Face mask making" is all about. The students of class 8th putting their heart and soul to come up with the best of ideas from Thailand, Greece, Sri Lanka, Venice and India with free imagination. The efforts of the students were admirable. The activity ended with a photo session.

Lamp of Love

Vandana International School endeavours to provide a holistic learning to its young and blooming flowers. The school presented another spectacular display, of artistic expression with 'The Lamp Of Love' activity. The unique festivals of lanterns celebrated in different countries. The motive of the activity was to inculcate each child with the knowledge of different festivals of different countries. The children of class 1 and 2 prepared the lanterns of different countries on 5th November 2018, the presentation of lantern festival of different countries was showcased to children and then the creative hands of children came into action and they made beautiful lanterns.

Explore the Curreny of the World

Money is a complex Concept for children to grasp. So ,in order to make children learn the concept of exchange of Indian rupee into any other currency of the world and activity on 'Explore the Currency of the World' was conducted on 2nd November 2018 for class 8th and on 5th November 2018 for classes 7th and 6th , where in each section of all the three classes performed skits exhibiting their writing, dramatic and mathematical skills to impress the audience in addition to enriching them with the exchange rate of different currencies of the world. This audio - visual learning left an indelible impression and helped students memorize the value of different currencies, such as dollar, pound, dinar, yuan etc. in terms of Indian Rupee.

River - A Significant part of an Eco System

Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish being caught, will we realize we cannot eat money!-anonymous

Rivers are backbone of human civilization .We human exist because of the rivers but what if the rivers dry up one day! In search of this question the activity with theme River-"A significant part of our ecosystem" was conducted in October,2018 in which our class 3rd,4th and 5th students showed their consciousness and critical views about the present scenario of rivers like Yamuna (delhi),Nile(Africa),Thames(England),Seine(Paris),Mississippi(U.S.). They participated in class activities with great enthusiasm. Role play of river ganga and Yamuna, PPT presentation in classroom, collage making ,quiz and skit were organized to depict the origin, location, the dependence of human race ,pollution –its causes, action and revival about above rivers. Students learned the impact that river have on the living world and took pledge to save river from pollution.

Fruit Exotica

A fruitful thought to celebrate "FRUIT EXOTICA" in the Kindergarten Block. Students were asked to bring any one National Fruit from five countries. India, China, England , Iran and America.

Activities conducted :

Fruit Colouring and Stamping :Every child is aware of fruit no matter from which region or season. Many exciting activities were conducted in the classroom such as colouring in the pictures of National fruit of five different countries of the world. At the same time fruits stamping was introduced for the first time.

Fruit Parade: Students dressed up as fruits , wearing fruit shaped head bands and cutouts. Children participated in rampwalk and titles were given to them such as STAR FRUIT, MISS GLOBAL & MR GLOBAL. Fruit Salad Party: Fun filled activity of Salad making was done in the courtyard under the guidance of the class teacher. Delicious fruit salad was served to the children.

It was a pleasant sight to see children come to school carrying their favourite national fruit. The excitement of showing their teacher what they love the best, would bring out a lot of enthusiasm for taking part in such activities. Colouring and Stamping are always fun for children of all ages and are a great educational tool that help kids to develop fine motor skills, creativity and colour recognition. Fruit parade of national fruits of the five selected countries will highlight the fact that just as each fruit has its own significance and individuality, likewise we should also be unique and apart from the crowd. In Fruit salad party teacher will use delightful ways of making kids understand the importance of having fruits by weaving stories around them. Fruit Exotica activity will enable them to identify national fruits , their texture, taste them for the first time from different countries of the world which encourages children to eat more fruit and adapt healthier lifestyle. Children will get to know and explore different types of national fruits through pictures. This will improve eye and hand coordination, drawing, colouring and art work of the children. Through fruit parade kids will get stage exposure. Fruit salad parties will help them to inculculate the habbit of sharing . All the children were thrilled and were positive of the fact that fruits are better than junk food.

Virtual Travel around the World

Passport making activity was organized in 4th week of August for Classes I & II. Making of passport:- 1 Passport of different countries were shown to the students through the smart boards. Teachers explained them the importance and use of passports. 2 Students made passports of different countries using their own creativity by pasting the picture of emblem, flag and currency of the country. 3 Students filled required details in the passport under the guidance of the teachers.

Stamping on passport and Visit to different countries : Students were asked to get their passport stamped. Teachers demonstrated about stamping on passport and explained the need of stamping [used while travelling aboard].With their passport(specific country) children were asked to go in the particular country(Class).Students enjoyed this activity with lot of curiosity and excitement.

Students were told about the passport. They were shown how to design the passport of different countries. They were also explained why and when we use the passport. From this activity children learnt the name of different countries, their emblems, flags, currency, use of passport and its significance.

Kites Ahoy

Kite making activity was organized in 4th week of August to spread the message of freedom love, faith and cultural values student of classes 3rd to 5th participated in this activity. The Presentation on kite festival of different countries were shown through the smart boards to the students. Countries included were India, China, Japan, Indonesia and Australia. Students were told to bring the information and images of kite festival celebrated in the above countries and children were told to submit a creative paper with the story behind the kite flying in the different country in a decorative paper at per their story. After that the kite making activity was conducted in the school premises in their respective classes. After showing the presentation and discussing about different kite flying festivals, student were instructed to design their own kite based on different countries and decorate it. The activity was a great success.

From this activity, children were able to develop creativity, imagination skills. It also helps the kids to learn about weather and ecology. Kids love the challenge and thrill of making the beautiful and colourful kites.

E Waste: A challenge for Sustainable Development

Electronic Waste or E Waste describes the discarded electric or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered as E Waste. Informal processing of e waste can lead to adverse human health effects and environmental pollution. E Waste management is the fastest growing challenge across the world so we took up this topic for our annual inter school competition -SYNERGIA 2018 to sensitise the youth and future generation. The main objective was to spread the awareness and share the views on sustainable e waste management techniques adopted by different countries. Schools had to choose a country and give a presentation on their initiative, contribution and efforts towards sustainable development. Children did a detailed study and gave their presentation based on their chosen countries like UK, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, Iceland, Australia, India etc. They also had to prepare a model using E waste scrap products. 14 Schools participated and gave a presentation on the E waste management policies and methods of the country that they chose. Judges applauded and appreciated the study and research work of every team on their chosen countries.