Summer Camp 2015 at Vandana Internationa School

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club activities
Vandana International School

Club Activities

Literary Club

The school set up the literary club to instill in the students a deep and colossal knowledge of language and literature. The club saw a gamut of amelioration in the students communicative skills and vocabulary. The teachers were always enthusiastic in aiding the students to eradicate grammatical mistakes and interact fluently.

The club aimed at edifying the students in impressive interactive skills, by having group discussions on common issues. The students were guided and corrected in sundry weak arenas.

Heritage Club

Heritage club was set up to create awareness among the students about the Indian Heritage. The school believes in valuing and presenting the rich heritage of our country's composite culture. One should always take pride in the unique diversity of India's cultural identity. This is the foremost motive behind initiating the school's own Heritage Club.

Through the club students were briefed about the aims and objectives to form such a group, expectation from them with regards to their respective efforts towards preservation of our country's heritage. They were made aware of the special arts and architecture of ancient, medieval and modern India as well as rituals and customs.

The Heritage Club programmes were designed so as to involve students in various activities geared towards creating heritage awareness

MUN Club

On 2nd August 2013, a group of students participated as delegates to various UN Committee at a Mock MUN organized at Navy Children School, Chanakyapuri . The participants researched and formulated political positions based on the actual policies of the countries (Mexico and Kuwait) they represented. MUN gave them a chance of public speaking, debating and writing along with critical thinking, teamwork and leadership skills.

The students had a word duel in the MUN general assembly on the topic 'Nuclear Disarmaments'and 'Food Security'. MUN team members had fun learning about the working of world diplomacy through the lens of current events.

To make students aware of the functioning of MUN, the school started Mock MUN Club and club members carried out ventures and assigned tasks with zest during the academic session.

ECO Club

Poster Making
Eco Club conducted a poster making activity for its students on the topics Energy Conservation and Water Conservation. Students made posters on the given topics and through their art they showed how we can conserve energy and water for our future generation.

Play on Ganga Action Plan
Eco Club organised a play on Ganga Action Plan and Water Pollution. In the play the participants portrayed how Ganga Action Plan achieved its goal of cleaning the Ganga and other important Indian rivers. They also explained how to prevent water pollution and gave tips to other students to not pollute water and our environment. Through the Eco Club students show their love for the environment and learn how to conserve water and other precious natural resources for the coming generation.

Music Club

The school's Music Club took the initiative of edifying the students in arena of vocal, rhythm and misc musical activities . The vocal training included basic introduction of Alankars, sense of note & tone and the introduction of sundry Raags. The students were also taught the National Anthem, National Song, Gayatri Mantra and the school prayer.

In the rhythm classes, the students were given introduction to Tabla and sundry Taals - Keherva, Dadaraa, Teentaal and Jhaptaal and were also taught rhythm counting on fist.

In the misc. classes the students were trained in playing synthesizer and guitar.

Art and Craft Club

To showcase the skill and calibre of our talented artists, our dedicated mentors of Art & Craft department provided various opportunities by organizing many in-house activities. They aimed at developing the aesthetic sensibilities of students through understanding of various important and well known aspects and modes of visual art expressions. It also encompassed practical exercise in drawing and painting to develop their mental faculties of observation, imagination, creation and skills required for expressions.